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The purpose of the Five Valley Ford Club is for owners of Ford and any classic vehicle to gather together to share the enjoyment of special vehicle ownership. This includes car building projects, helping each other in automotive problem solving, sharing knowledge and attending vehicle events. In addition we support a wide variety of charitable projects in our local community. Members do not have to have a Ford vehicle to join. Any vehicle with wheels or moves by an engine is acceptable. 

Signed by the Charter members, club officers and members present at the 2/28/2023 meeting


Five Valley Ford Club By-Laws 

A.) A member is any person or family which purchases a membership
B.) A membership entitles the holder and members of the holders immediate family the right to take part in any of the group activities, promotions, and meetings.
C.) Members enter the club by application and paying the annual dues. No member can be removed from the club except for non-payment of the dues or by violation of the by-laws. 


A.) Dues are $20.00 per year per membership.
B.) Initial dues are due by the day membership is granted.
C.) Renewal Dues are collected the 1st monthly meeting in January and due by the next monthly meeting in Febuary. Membership can be voided unless dues are paid or other arrangements are made.


A.) The members shall hold all meetings and activities as scheduled.
B.) The members shall meet monthly at a preannounced place and time to do the organizations business.
C.) All meetings and activities of any kind shall be open to all members.
D.) The results of all meetings shall be kept by the secretary. 

Voting- General Information

A.) All votes shall be simple majority
B.)  Results of all votes shall be reported to the membership.
C.) All memberships hold one vote. 


A.) Election of officers to be held evry 10 years or if existing member should pass away.
B.) All officers shall be elected to their position by a majority vote of the group members in attendance. 
C.) Officers elections shall take place in March of election year with nominations taking place in February. 
D.) Newly elected officers shall take office by April 1st of election year.
E.) All nominations may be declined in person or in writing submitted to the president. 


A.) The organization's officers consist of one each president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
B.) All elected officers shall be members in good standing in the Five Valley Ford Club.
C.) All elected officers shalll serve ten year term of office. Any officer may be reelected. There are no term limits.
D.) Terms of office are from April 1st through March 31st pf a given year.
E.) The club president shall have overall responsibility for all of the club activities, preside over all meetings and sign all club documents. In absence of the president, the vice president shall fill in. The secretary or the treasurer may fill in when the president and vice president are not available. 
F.) The remaining officer's duties shall be determinded by their respective titles. 


A.) All revenues shall be deposited in a financial institution of the club's choice. 
B.) Complete records of all revenues and expenditures shall be kept by the treasurer and be open to all club members.
C.) All revenues and expenditures shall be reported in full to the membership by the treasurer or an alternate if the treasurer is unable to attend a meeting. 


A.) All debts shall be paid only after approval of the club officers or during a monthly meeting. 


A.) No member or officer of the Five Valley Ford Club shall be held personally liable for any claim, damage or debt against the organization. 
B.) All members of this organization take place in its activities at their own risk. 
C.) The Five Valley Ford Club no longer participates in the international mustang meeting but is encouraged to attend shows at other locations. 
D.) If the Five Valley Ford Club ends then any funds in the club account will be given to a local charity or charities of the members choice. 
E.) To change or update these by-laws must be voted by a majority of members.
F.) Members are free and encouraged to join in with other outside activities or being a member of other car clubs or their activities. Our insurance only protects members at Five Valley Ford Club events.
G.) Monthly meetings are the place for members to express their ideas and recommendations about activities. It is not an officer's role to limit activities. 
H.) The Five Valley Ford Club declares these by-laws as their own to be used to promote smooth operation of this group and eliminate conflicts. The members of the club have sole power to amend the by-laws as necessary to adjust for changes as they might occur. 

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